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Stat Dat™ Camp App Features

Stat-Dat Check-in Feature.

The Check-in Check-out feature allows the precise and secure exchange of children to their specific adults contact. Each camper has a set of authorized contacts that have corresponding photo, signature, and contact information. You can also add a new contact with photo and electronic signature right on the device. This allows a comprehensive profile to be sent right to the parent through their own Stat-Dat Camp Parent app. If the parent does not approve of said contact they can communicate directly with the instructor through the app itself. This extra layer of security ensures that each instructor can do their due diligence in regards to child safety.

Stat-Dat Profile Overview.

Each individual has their own unique profile containing their personal information. These profiles are kept securely in the cloud and are accessible to any admin with the authorization to view it. This provides the instructor with pertinent information for any number of emergency situations. They can view medical, contract, and personal identification info whenever a problem arises. There is also a quick contact option allowing the admin to call or text the proper contact in a single button press. No longer will there be a frantic rush to obtain information when its all available right on their phone anywhere in the world.

Stat-Dat Texting Feature.

Another feature of this application is our secure texting. The instructor can quickly and securely communicate with parents through their accompanying apps. This allows a digital record of all conversations and a more manageable way for parents to contact the camp. Another benefit of keeping communication within the app is its all securely kept in the same area as personal/medical info without leaving sensitive information on an instructor’s phone.

Stat-Dat Schedule Feature.

A mobile accessible schedule provides a detailed description of the designated activity. The schedules are viewed in chronological order with accompanying times. This allows set parameters for the day and allows everyone to stay up to date on the current status of camp. Within each activity we provide an area for both written instruction along with either photo or video to help aid the instructors. Parents can also view the up to date schedule in the accompanying parent application.